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Description of businessEdit

Trust is an important consideration in choosing where to have a vehicle repaired. This company provides and installs video recording systems that allows auto repair shops the means to build trust and differentiate themselves from the competition by making the repair process completely transparent. When customers get a vehicle repaired they are allowed to view the repair live over the web or watch the repair after it has been completed.

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Full View Premium Package with Audio SupportEdit

The most advanced setup would capture virtually all repair activity. Cameras would be located in multiple positions to provide a view unobstructed by the mechanics body or car. Cameras could be mounted on the hood of the car or on the mechanics head or torso as well as various places around the shop. A microphone could be placed on the mechanic so that they can provide commentary of the repair.

Data from the cameras and microphones would be wirelessly transmitted to a computer with software that streams it online to a web site. Alternatively the data could be recorded to a DVD or online file.



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