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Problems and needs can be the foundation of new businesses and jobs aimed at solving or meeting the need. Post on this page a short description of problems you encounter (or know other people encounter) in day to day life. Whether it's something that costs you 5 seconds of annoyance a day or something that really makes life hard, post it here so everyone can begin thinking about solutions!

Dental hygieneEdit

Brushing flossing and mouthwash can seem to take too much time.

Clothes washingEdit

Not all parts of clothing are equally dirty, or dirty at all but the entire garment must be washed.

Waking upEdit

Getting out of bed can be a battle of wills with the snooze button often winning out.

Tracking Nutritional IntakeEdit

It can be difficult to track and plan the nutritional content (calories, vitamins, etc.) of what is eaten.

Tracking Calories BurnedEdit

It can be hard to know how many calories have been burned by a particular exercise activity.

Computer ShoppingEdit

With processors and graphics cards having numerous factors other than cycle speed that determine their performance, finding the best value in a computer purchase can be difficult.

Holes in SocksEdit

A small hole in a sock quickly makes it uncomfortable and unwearable. The damage to a small portion renders the entire sock unusable.