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Video Recording System for Auto Repair ShopsEdit

Help auto mechanic repair shops add value and trust to their services by setting up systems to allow customers to view video recordings of their repairs.

Windshield Frost Removal ServiceEdit

Remove frost from customers' car windows in the morning using hot liquid sprayer. Sell service by the month.

Clock with Bible ChimesEdit

Sell clocks that play different verses from the bible for hourly and/or quarter hourly chimes. The clocks could also be connected to the internet to play short messages from favorite online ministries.

Errand Runner for ProfessionalsEdit

Pick up groceries, dry cleaning, restaurant delivery's for busy professionals trying to maximize their purposeful time.

Garden Tilling and Planting ServiceEdit

Help people setup gardens by getting them started. An emphasis on vegetable gardens could help improve the diets of customers.

Garage Sale/Online Auction AssistanceEdit

Help people get rid of their junk in the most beneficial way. Help or consult with setup and marketing of garage sales and online auctions. You could also make certain that unsellable items are properly disposed of and recycled or perhaps given away for free using online resources.

Christmas Decorating ServiceEdit

Design outdoor Christmas decoration schemes. Use graphics design and image editing software to create images of what a house or business would look like after being decorated. Sell the customer by presenting the images. Work in conjunction with landscaping companies.

Home Air Leak Sealing ServiceEdit

Seal air leaks in doors and windows. Refer other obvious issues to contractors for cost effective services.

Home Cleaning and Organizing ServiceEdit

Help people live more organized lives by cleaning disorganized homes and helping homeowners establish an effective system for document and item management.

Home Staging ServiceEdit

Help people present their homes to buyers in ways that highlight the best uses and make the home more appealing.

Lawn Care ServiceEdit

Save people time and hassle by caring for their lawn.

Local Church News Web SiteEdit

Inform people of all the events happening at area churches. Highlight the good works local Christians are doing. Provide online versions of weekly church bulletins. Make available prayer requests.

Mobile Car Maintenance ServiceEdit

Provide oil changes, fluid checks, and service reminders door to door.

Snow Removal ServiceEdit

Remove snow from steps and sidewalks to keep customers safe and comfortable.

Tutoring ServiceEdit

Help students learn better by sharing your expertise.

Waste Value Management Consulting ServiceEdit

Help businesses ensure they are handling discarded materials in the most economical way. Coordinate contracts to pickup recyclable and reusable items. Pool businesses, that are near each other, in material recovery contracts to obtain more favorable pricing.

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