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Problems and needs can be the foundation of job creating businesses started to meet those needs. Post on this page problems or needs that businesses have. They could be things you've experienced in your places of employment or that you've heard friends mention about their work. It could also be something you've learned from a news article or just some good armchair thinking. However you've come to know these business challenges, post them here! Try to include as much detail as possible including things like the type of business, the job position that encounters this problem, why it's a problem, etc.

If the problem seems complicated it might be good to check back so you can reply to questions about it on the discussion page (click "Talk" above).

People ProblemsEdit

Work focus of young workersEdit

A nontrivial percent of college-age workers are easily distracted from the focus of their jobs in retail settings.

Technology ProblemsEdit

Process ProblemsEdit

Other ProblemsEdit

Getting capitalEdit

Be it money, human, or technological

Market exposureEdit

One must not underestimate the power of marketing, that is advertising, promotion, public relations, complaints, and target market for starters.