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Here you can collaborate to generate ideas and plans for new businesses. Our motivation is to heed Christ's call to love and lay the groundwork for the creation of new jobs in businesses that make the world a little better. With the plans and ideas you and others place on this site, we hope to equip people interested in starting a new business with the tools they need.

This site works much like Wikipedia. With the exclusion of this page, the content can be edited by anyone. Just click the edit tab at the top of the page you wish to edit. For more information see Help:Editing.

How You Can Help!

Click Here! to add your business ideas

The Business Ideas page is where you can put summaries of ideas for new businesses. Be creative!

Click Here! to post difficulties you experience in life

Problems are opportunities! On the Personal challenges page, put summaries of challenges you have personally faced or witnessed others face that a product or service might be able to help solve.

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Challenges are opportunities! On the Business challenges page, add summaries of challenges and difficulties businesses face that could be aided by a product or service.

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The Brainstorming resources page will provide links to free resources helpful for brainstorming. These could include literature as well as software.

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The Business plan resources page will provide links to free resources about making a business plan.